We help you understand the unstated needs of your users

At featUR you will have the right audience test your app or website, so your company can create software products that fills the needs and desires of real people.

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How featUR works:


There is no need for complex setup procedures, we give you the tools so you can manage your user research projects with ease in featUR. You can communicate directly with your remote testers.


No matter how complex or niche is the audience you are targeting, we will help you recruit the exact type of personas you are looking for.


We help you process all the data being collected and help you create the specific graphs you need. Now Product Managers can have qualitative information to make the right decisions, based on your users needs.


With featUR you can measure the impact of the improvements to your product with historic information before and after the different types of user research conducted on our platform.

Are you launching a website or mobile app? Let real people test it first.

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